Request a Quote

At Waterjet Precision UK Ltd we can take in your hand drawn sketches right through to most CAD format drawings in order to provide you with a quotation. Here at Waterjet Precision we pride ourselves on being very responsive in returning our quotations, but in order for a quick turnaround we appreciate if the following steps can be taken.
  • Please supply full specification of material to be used, including thickness and state whether this is to be free issued or supplied by Waterjet Precision UK Ltd.
  • Please state the quantity required of each component.
  • Please state if any secondary finishing is required, e.g. machining, polishing, and coating.
  • Please supply us with a PDF file and 2D CAD file (our preference is DXF or DWG format) with any scaling clearly marked. – When supplying CAD files please ensure that all lines are trimmed and joined to form a continuous loop. – Please ensure any holes are drawn to the diameter of the finished hole size required, e.g. if you require tapped holes on the finished component please draw to the diameter of the pre- tapped hole.
  • Please state required lead time from order to delivery.
  • Please state full delivery address including postcode.
  • All this information can be emailed to
  The above is only a guide to assist us in returning your quotation. For those who do not work with CAD files we have full CAD capability in house available to suit every need. We look forward to receiving your enquiries
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