Below are some of the most common question we are regularly asked. If you have any further questions that are now answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  1. How accurate is Waterjet cutting? Our waterjet cutting machines are extremely accurate, typically achieving tolerances of + / – 0.2 mm or better if required. The material grade and thickness can affect the tolerance of the finished component so for more material specific tolerances please contact one of our sales team.
  2. How thick can we cut? We can cut through virtually any material up to 200 mm thick but out of choice we tend to cap the thickness of metals at 100mm and only cut softer materials, such as foam and polystyrene, over 100mm thick.
  3. What are your machine’s capacities? We are able to offer 3 axis and 5 axis abrasive waterjet cutting with a maximum bed size of 1,700mm x 3,000mm.
  4. What is your order process? Here at Waterjet Precision UK Ltd we provide ourselves on being extremely responsive in returning our quotations, but in order for a quick turnaround we appreciate if the following steps can be taken. See our Request a quote page.
  5. What files can I upload? Our preference is a DXF or DWG format file with any scaling clearly marked and a dimensioned PDF file to accompany the CAD file. Due to our cutting edge CAD software we can accept most commercially available CAD formats right the way through to a hand sketch which can be used to create a CAD file by one of our CAD operators.
  6. What is your lead time from order to delivery? This is dependent on the material grade and order size, but typically we aim to deliver 75 % of our orders within four days but ultimately this is usually determined by our customer’s requirements. We can even offer a same day service in some cases should your requirement be of an urgent nature.
  7. How can we make payment? We accept BACS transfer and all major credit & debit cards either in person or over the phone. Subject to your credit status we offer a credit account service for our customers with our standard terms being 30 days EOM.
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