ByVision Pro

The ByVision Pro is the CNC waterjet cutting system of choice for unmatched productivity, performance and efficiency, ensuring accuracy and quality of your components.

Parameters such as cutting speed, pressure and quantity of garnet are infinitely adjustable and are continuously adapted to the material and the shape of the contour. Each part can be assigned up to eight parameter sets. The shuttle table enables safe access to the cut parts, which are cleaned automatically during the table change. Set-up times and loading and unloading during the cutting process are minimized, increasing productivity and economic efficiency.

The ByVision Pro waterjet cuts most materials with:

  • Low cutting forces
  • No thermal loading
  • Low cutting gap widths
  • No burrs (no finishing work)
  • Excellent precision cutting quality
  • Cutting tool which cuts itself free
  • No toxic flue gases

CAD Design service available

Bespoke CAD/CAM software optimally attuned to the cutting system. The software is dedicated to the machine anything can be drawn and processed by the machine. Quotations can be given on receipt of CAD drawings (DXF/DWG), and engineering drawing.

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